Hon Pastor Chris Mbarie Tested and Trusted with Good Governance.

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 On pastor Chris Mbarie achievement as former sole administrator Orlu LGA. 

By Chief Anslem Okonkwo.

Hon Pst Chris Mbarie was once appointed as Orlu LGA Sole administrator under the present government of 3R administration, Dist. Sen Hope Odidika Uzodinma, CON, GSSRS. the executive governor of Imo state. At these period insecurity was very high in Orlu LGA. Hon Pst Chris Mbarie came in and saw conquered with resilient and commitment, bc it can only takes a man with courage and commitment to withstand the high level of insecurity at that period in Orlu LGA environs. 

But Hon pastor Chris Mbarie could not relent with such distractions, instead he went straight to work.

 1. By removing the huge debris at Old market Umuna. 

2. Digged a brown new bole hole with overhead tank at area command police station Orlu.

3. Supplied over 50 bed mantras at Orlu health center.

4. Rebuilt damaged Corvette at opposite Total filling station by old market Umuna. 

5. Set up a street lights across old market Umuna that makes the market viable at night.

6. Bring insecurity at Orlu to its minimum stage were every one can go home now and sleep with two eyes close.

7. Renovated the entire building at Old mayor Eze Council hall. 

8. Equiped office of the executive chairman with a befitting equipments that befits chairman's office. 

9. Holds a prayer summit that breaks the camels back on insecurity at Orlu LGA..

10. Grade roads that cut across the 13 INEC wards of Orlu LGA 

11. Rebuilt offices that was set ablaze by hoodlums at Orlu Council HQ. 

12. He sponsored football competition among communities in Orlu LGA to engage our youths against social vises. 

13. Above all he made sure all APC candidates won in last election in all their positions, from  presidential to Governorship Senate, federal house of representatives and state house of assembly. Orlu APC our great party came out victorious in all through his resilient and capacity with our inputs Hon pastor Chris Mbarie did it. 

He deserves our appreciate in all this efforts by voting him into the executive chairman office Orlu LGA. As they said, one good turn deserve another, good work deserve more works. We are humbly soliciting for ur votes Ndi Orlu come September 21 2024.

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