Nigerians Face Historic Highs as Garri Prices Skyrocket

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In recent weeks, the staple food commodity, garri, has witnessed an unprecedented surge in prices across Nigerian markets.

 Once considered one of the most affordable items for households, garri is now being sold at staggering rates, with prices reaching N1,100 per measure and an eye-watering N72,000 per 100kg bag. 

This drastic increase has left consumers bewildered and struggling to cope with the sudden financial strain.

During a visit to the Katako market, Daily Trust reporters conversed with both sellers and buyers to ascertain the root causes of this alarming price hike. 

According to Hassan Maigari, a seasoned garri seller with three decades of experience, the surge can be attributed to a multitude of factors. 

Chief among them is the unprecedented demand for garri, fueled by its role as a more affordable substitute for other costly food varieties. 

Maigari expressed astonishment at the current prices, noting that never in his lengthy career had he witnessed such a sharp increase.

Echoing Maigari's sentiments, Abdullahi Ibrahim, another garri vendor, shed light on the intricate dynamics of the garri supply chain.

 He revealed that delays in processing the product by farmers and processors have significantly contributed to the price escalation.

 These delays, according to Ibrahim, are a deliberate tactic employed by processors to capitalize on the heightened demand, thus driving prices even higher.

Furthermore, both sellers warned that the worst may be yet to come, as the rainy season, traditionally a period of heightened prices, has not fully set in. 

With schools recently resuming and farmers preparing to return to their fields, the demand for garri is expected to soar even higher in the coming weeks. 

As consumers grapple with the prospect of further price hikes, the future remains uncertain for one of Nigeria's most beloved food staples.

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