Five Suspected Kidnappers Arrested After Victims Escape During Drug-Induced Sleep

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In a daring escape, victims of a kidnapping ordeal led to the arrest of five suspected kidnappers after they managed to flee while their captors slept due to the effects of hard drugs. 

The victims, including a pastor’s wife and two others, identified one of the perpetrators, leading to the apprehension by law enforcement authorities.

The suspected kidnappers were identified as Garuba Mumuni (27), Yusuf Tale (21), Kabiru Muhammed (16), Shaibu Umar, and Adamu Mohammed (22).

 Their capture came following an incident reported at the Ofosu Division, where the victims narrated their harrowing experience of being abducted from various locations.

According to the police, the victims escaped on different occasions after the kidnappers succumbed to the effects of narcotics and fell asleep.

 Prompt action by law enforcement, aided by intelligence gathering, led to the arrest of five out of the six alleged kidnappers.

Additionally, another kidnapping case reported at the Ifon Police Station resulted in the apprehension of suspects Muhammad Bello, Muhammad Suraju, and Suleiman Saliu.

 One victim, who identified two of the suspects, recounted paying a ransom of ₦1,800,000 before being released.

Ondo Police Commissioner, Peter Abayomi, assured that the suspects would face charges in court, signaling a crackdown on kidnapping activities in the region.

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