Billionaire Arthur Eze Throws Support Behind Bola Tinubu, Predicts Transformation for Nigeria

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Renowned Nigerian billionaire Arthur Eze has thrown his considerable weight behind Chief Bola Tinubu, urging fellow citizens to support the political stalwart in his bid for leadership. 

In a widely circulated video on social media platforms, Eze emphasized Tinubu's potential to usher in significant change across Nigeria within a span of eight years. 

The billionaire lauded Tinubu's inclusive governance approach, highlighting examples of diverse appointments, including Igbo individuals serving as ministers in Abuja. 

Eze's endorsement comes alongside a donation of N20 million to a church, underscoring his commitment to Tinubu's vision for the nation's future. 

"Tinubu has no boundary," Eze asserted, expressing optimism that Nigeria's trajectory will evolve positively under Tinubu's leadership. 

He called upon Nigerians to unite in their support for Tinubu's candidacy, citing the ongoing transformational shifts already underway. 

Eze's endorsement adds momentum to Tinubu's political aspirations, signaling broader support from influential figures within Nigerian society.

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