Toxicology Tests Completed in Mohbad's Death Investigation; Results Handed Over to Lagos Police

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The toxicology tests aimed at uncovering the cause of death of the renowned Nigerian music sensation, Ilerioluwa Aloba, professionally known as Mohbad, have been finalized.

 These crucial tests, conducted in the United States, seek to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise of the beloved singer.

According to Oluwaseun Akinde, Lagos State counsel, who revealed details to the coroner’s court in Ikorodu last November, while the external autopsy was concluded earlier, the toxicology examination, focusing on internal analysis, remained pending at that time.

The recent completion of the toxicology tests marks a significant milestone in the ongoing investigation.

An official from the Lagos State government, speaking on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on public discussion of the case, disclosed to Punch that the toxicology results were received by the state’s DNA and Forensic Centre last week. Subsequently, the results were transmitted to the police earlier this week to aid in further inquiries.

A source within the Lagos State Police Command, also speaking anonymously, confirmed the receipt of the toxicology report, stating that it arrived on Monday. However, due to the technical nature of the findings, the report has been forwarded to the pathologist who conducted the autopsy for analysis and interpretation.

Director of Lagos State DNA and Forensic Centre, Richard Somiari, had previously stated on March 20 that the toxicology result would be available within three to four weeks. 

During his testimony at a coroner’s inquest into Mohbad's death, Somiari emphasized their meticulous approach in exploring various possibilities, including the involvement of poison, given the absence of a definitive cause of death.

Assuring the public of the integrity of the investigation, Somiari highlighted the rigorous security and monitoring protocols in place for handling and transporting forensic samples.

Mohbad's passing at the age of 27 on September 12, 2023, continues to stir controversy on social media, with his fans eagerly awaiting clarity on the circumstances surrounding his demise.

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