Popular Gospel Singer Morenikeji Adeleke, AKA Egbin Orun, Passes Away

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The gospel music community is mourning the loss of renowned gospel singer Morenikeji Adeleke, widely known as Egbin Orun, following her untimely demise.

 Esther Igbekele, her colleague and fellow gospel artist, took to Instagram to confirm the tragic news.

 Igbekele expressed shock and sadness at Egbin Orun's sudden departure, highlighting the absence of any farewell before her passing. 

She reminisced about their recent conversation, unaware of the impending tragedy that would soon unfold. In an emotional tribute, Igbekele described Egbin Orun as a beautiful and kind-hearted woman who had been a steadfast supporter of her ministry's.

 She lamented the loss but found solace in the belief that Egbin Orun's good deeds would be remembered oflwkuhe news of Egbin Orun's passing has left a void in the hearts of many in the gospel music community, with tributes pouring in from fans and colleagues alike. 

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May she rest in peace, her legacy continuing to inspire and uplift through her timeless music.


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