Nigerian Pastor Claims World Will End on April 25, 2024

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An unidentified Nigerian pastor has sparked a flurry of reactions across social media after boldly asserting that the world is slated to meet its end on April 25, 2024, based on a prophetic revelation. 

In a video that has swiftly circulated online, the pastor asserted that during a prayer session, he received a divine message from God indicating the imminent apocalypse.

In the viral video, the pastor can be heard passionately declaring, “By the 25th of April, the world is going to end.” He reiterated the seriousness of his revelation, urging viewers to heed the warning. The pastor claimed to have seen the date clearly on two separate occasions, emphasizing the authenticity of the message.

The video has ignited intense discussions across various social media platforms, with reactions ranging from skepticism to genuine concern. While some have dismissed the pastor's proclamation as baseless speculation, others have expressed anxiety over the purported prophecy.

Despite the pastor's fervent conviction, skepticism prevails among many who question the validity of such predictions. As April 25, 2024, approaches, the pastor's prophecy is likely to remain a topic of debate and speculation among believers and skeptics alike.

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