NEFGAD Condemns National Assembly's Interference in Budgetary Allocations

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In a recent development, the Network for the Actualisation of Social Growth and Viable Development (NEFGAD), a public procurement advocacy group, has strongly criticized the actions of the national assembly regarding budgetary allocations, labeling them as interference under the guise of constituency projects. This condemnation comes amidst allegations made by Senator Abdul Ningi, representing Bauchi central, who claimed a staggering N3 trillion padding in the 2024 budget and asserted the existence of two concurrent budgets in the country.

Senator Ningi's allegations resulted in his suspension for three months due to his failure to provide substantial evidence to support his claims. However, NEFGAD, in a letter addressed to President Bola Tinubu, emphasized that the initiation of projects by lawmakers exceeds the legislative powers granted by the Nigerian constitution and the Public Procurement Act 2007.

Akingunola Omoniyi, the head of NEFGAD, urged the president to take immediate action to rectify these violations, citing that such budget padding tarnishes the country's reputation. NEFGAD stressed that the legislative power of the national assembly is limited to lawmaking and does not extend to procurement matters, which are strictly within the executive domain as outlined in the Public Procurement Act 2007.

The letter highlighted the importance of adhering to the provisions of the Public Procurement Act to ensure transparency, efficiency, and integrity in the procurement process. NEFGAD emphasized that any project or procurement item not in compliance with the legally outlined planning and organizational criteria, such as constituency projects inserted midway by the national assembly, is fundamentally flawed and must be addressed promptly.


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