Mohbad's Widow Rejects DNA Test for Son, Liam, Asserting Paternity

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Wunmi, the widow of late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has firmly refused to allow anyone to conduct a DNA test on her son, Liam. This decision marks a significant shift from her previous willingness to undergo such a test.

The call for a DNA test emerged from various quarters, including her father-in-law, Joseph Aloba, following the tragic demise of the rapper. However, Wunmi, who had initially expressed readiness for the test, has now firmly stated her opposition.

In an audio message circulating on X, Wunmi passionately asserted her position, stating that only her late husband had the authority to request a DNA test from her. She adamantly declared that Mohbad was the only man she had ever been intimate with, emphasizing that he was the one who deflowered her.

Wunmi's resolve underscores the intensity of emotions surrounding the paternity of Liam and the complexities of the situation following Mohbad's passing. Despite external pressures, she remains steadfast in her belief in Mohbad's paternity of their son, Liam, and her refusal to entertain further inquiries into the matter.

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