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As soon as the first tenure of Governor Hope Uzodimma ended, followed by the academic exercise of officially pronouncing the dissolution of the expanded executive members of the state government excluding the two duely elected Governor and Deputy Governor. 

In the eyes of the law, any government appointee in Imo State who is not officially reappointed, yet operating or functioning in that office is operating in illegality as such every of his or her actions is a nullity.

In the light of this,  I wish to bring to the notice of the Governor of Imo State, the consequential and dire need to either officially reappoint these fellows or stop them from acting for and on behalf of government in the office they were appointed into in the first tenure.

I speak principally concerning the offices of the  Chief Press Secretary to the Governor and the SA Land Recovery. 

Most concerned is the SA on land recovery who since the dissolution of all government appointees has continued to function as though the official press release exempted him from the dissolution and up till now he is still functioning bringing down structures and entering into private agreements with perceived defaulters in the guise of an official government functionary, even with official vehicle of government and police personnels accompanying him. 

Hence the need for the governor to either stop him or officially reappoint him. If he is not reappointed then anyone who sues him will definitely nail him because the dissolution of the entire expanded executive without an exemption means he needs to be reappointed or all of his actions will be viewed as a private act.

The Chief Press Secretary on the other hand, since he has not been reappointed officially, in the eyes of the law implies that all of his press releases for government are personal publications which carries no ounce of government power. Also appending the phrase  "Chief Press Secretary to the Governor" in all of those releases can best be termed impersonation.

Though I had expected that the House of Assembly would move a motion in this regard informing the governor of the need to officially reappoint these persons to avoid any form of embarrassment or distraction for the government, or set an unhealthy precedence that is strange to the administrative business of governance.

I want to believe strongly that no one had called the attention of the governor to this very critical administrative lacuna, if not the Governor Hope Uzodimma whom all Nigerians have come to understand after his first tenure as Governor of Imo State as a man with unrivalled administrative ingenuity would have officially reappointed these officers or stop them for further functioning on behalf of government.

Unegbu Victor-Wallace

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