Aviation Minister Vows Crackdown on Unauthorized Commercial Flights

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During a recent appearance on a Channels Television program, Festus Keyamo, the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace, issued a stern warning to private jet owners engaging in unauthorized commercial flights. 

Keyamo revealed that his ministry has received credible information about such activities and is prepared to prosecute those involved. He disclosed that some private jet owners initially seek approval from aviation regulators to use their aircraft for personal purposes, such as flying family or friends. 

However, after obtaining the necessary licenses, they exploit the system by operating commercial flights without proper authorization.

Keyamo emphasized the seriousness of the issue, stating, “We are not going to allow this to happen.” He highlighted the dual impact of such activities, citing concerns over passenger safety and economic sabotage against the federal government. The minister condemned the exploitation of regulatory loopholes, promising stringent measures to address the issue.

Expressing his determination to tackle the problem head-on, Keyamo declared his intention to ground planes, revoke licenses, and take decisive action against offenders, regardless of their affiliations. He underscored the need for enhanced regulation and oversight to ensure the safety and integrity of the aviation sector.

Moreover, Keyamo hinted at broader reforms aimed at addressing systemic challenges within the industry, including issues related to training and certification. He criticized the prevalence of unqualified personnel operating private aircraft and highlighted the complicity of certain individuals within the regulatory framework.

In conclusion, Keyamo’s remarks signal a forthcoming crackdown on unauthorized commercial flights and a commitment to upholding safety standards and regulatory compliance within the aviation sector.


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