Air Peace to Launch Abuja-London Flight Route, Challenging Foreign Airlines

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In a move set to revolutionize air travel between Nigeria and the United Kingdom, Air Peace, one of Nigeria’s leading airlines, is preparing to inaugurate its highly anticipated flight route from Abuja to London.

 This expansion announcement was made by Festus Keyamo, Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, during an appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

Keyamo disclosed that the decision to add the Abuja-London route alongside the existing Lagos-London route was officially approved on Wednesday. This strategic move is aimed at competing directly with foreign carriers like British Airways, which currently operates flights to Abuja.

“With British Airways operating from Abuja, it’s time for Air Peace to step up and compete directly,” stated Keyamo. He emphasized that this expansion is aimed at providing Nigerians with more options and better prices.

The decision comes on the heels of Air Peace’s successful launch of direct flights from Lagos to London’s Gatwick Airport on March 30, 2024. This initial step was part of a broader strategy to address discrepancies observed in the Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) between Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Since the commencement of Air Peace’s operations on the Lagos-London route, there has been a significant shift in the market dynamics.

 Previously exorbitant international flight tickets, costing as much as N3.5 million, have been slashed to a more competitive price of N1.2 million for a return economy class ticket, courtesy of Air Peace.

 This move has compelled other international carriers such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Qatar Airways to reduce their fares as well.

The entry of Air Peace into this market has ignited a price war, ultimately resulting in more affordable air travel options for Nigerians. Keyamo affirmed the government’s keen interest in these developments and expressed readiness to extend full support to Air Peace.

Furthermore, Keyamo highlighted ongoing reviews of the BASA with the UK, hinting at potential adjustments favorable to the Nigerian aviation sector in the near future. 

He also stressed a preference for Nigerian carriers, including Air Peace, to operate flights to Heathrow Airport, viewing it as a significant long-term objective compared to Gatwick, which he described as “only a low-hanging fruit and a starting point.”

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