Air Peace Honors Pelumi Nubi with Free Return Ticket

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In a remarkable gesture of recognition, Air Peace, a leading Nigerian airline, has extended a generous offer to Pelumi Nubi, an avid traveler who recently completed an extraordinary journey from London to Lagos by road. 

Pelumi Nubi's remarkable feat captured the attention of Air Peace's Chairman, Dr. Allen Onyema, who commended her achievement during a meeting.

In acknowledgment of her accomplishment, Air Peace has presented Pelumi Nubi with a complimentary return Business Class ticket to London. This gesture symbolizes Air Peace's appreciation for her determination and adventurous spirit.

The news has sparked various reactions on social media, with users expressing admiration for Pelumi Nubi's achievement and praising Air Peace for their supportive gesture.

 Many have lauded the airline's initiative, recognizing it as a significant motivation for travelers and a demonstration of local pride.

Pelumi Nubi's journey has not only captured the imagination of the public but also serves as a testament to the spirit of adventure and resilience. As she prepares for her return journey, her story continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams with determination and courage.


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