Abby Hensel, Conjoined Twin, Addresses Intimacy Concerns After Recent Marriage

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Abby Hensel, one-half of the conjoined twins that recently got married has answered questions about her marriage.

Netizens were worried if she gets intimate with her hsuband.

Recall that the couple had their secret wedding with husband, Josh Bowling which we reported last week.

According to reports, the father of one who had served in the US Army and his fiancee, Abby got married in a private ceremony.

The 34-year-old, dicephalic (conjoined at the torso and sharing some organs) Hensel twins work as fifth-grade teachers in their native Minnesota.

However, after news of their marriage went viral, a lot of netizens have been asking questions about their s3x life and other vital questions.

Abby Hensel has come out to answer most of the questions that have been asked by concerned netizens.

She revealed that she gets intimate with her husband.


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