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        By Nwamkpa Modestus Chinedu (KSM)

Shortly after I had written about the premature and unnecessary  agitation for Imo Governorship election in 2027 and cautioning against using it to distract the Governor, I read a communique issued by a select Group of Leaders of Owerri zone arising  from their 'Kparakpo' meeting at Captain Emmanuel Iheanacho's House in Emekuku on April 14. 

In that communique which was solely signed by the Captain himself, they took a somewhat belligerent dimension and outright beating of war drum, apparently to underscore  their readiness and to send a warning signal to other zones that they are not joking. 

Well, for me, they Group merely embarked on a Surugede Dance, perhaps unknown to them that Surugede Dance is a dance of the Spirits. They want to embark  on a journey that they are, literally unprepared for  For instance, they said inter alia  in paragraph 10. 

"The meeting noted the historic nature of this initiative and urged ALL our politicians and leaders of Owerri zone to support it and should not  support any act or persons whose activities appeared to be undermining the collective interest of the zone to realize the Owerri Governorship Project in 2027" It stated.

Common, this type of subtle beating of war  drum is dangerous and capable of igniting fire in the polity amongst other zones. What Owerri zone needs now if they must even talk about the 2027 governorship race is consensus building, diplomatic shuttle among other zones  and above all, full support to the Governor and not this beating of war drum.

 I repeat, they will not sustain this agitation  at a long run  because I know that what divides them is more than what unites them. Owerri zone can only be helped by outsiders to realize their governorship dream more than they can help themselves.

Iam also afraid that Owerri zone, being the most politically  fragmented zone in Imo state may not sustain this type of posturing. I know that the zone is so ideologically balkanized and  politically disunited that soon, the crack within them will begin to manifest. 

For instance,  Mbaise  clan is not always in sic with Owerri  federal constituency and Mbaike clan is also ideologically different from Ngor Okpala area. So the zone hardly speaks with one voice

 Well, I pray they do so now which I seriously doubt. 

Again, with this type of communique coming out from Owerri zone, Orlu and Okigwe zones may feel challenged and angered. Remember, this business is a business of number. 

Owerri zone has the number of course but unfortunately, they have the  highest number of stranger elements as 40% of  residents of Owerri zone particularly Owerri Municipal, Owerri North and West are indigents of Orlu or Okigwe or even outsiders. 

I have advised in my last piece that all these noise about 2027 Imo Guber is unnecessary and premature. I have pleaded that we should allow the Governor to concentrate on governance as politics is over yet some people will not hear.

 Owerri and Okigwe zones are culpable in this unnecessary hitting of political tension in the state. I am scared that it may take a different but intriguing dimension if Orlu zone joins the frey. This is not good for the state and the Governor who is just settling down for his second tenure.


Truthfully Yours Nwamkpa Modestus is my name and I approve of this piece.


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