Unruly Hoodlums Spark Chaos at Wuse Market, Abuja

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 Unruly Hoodlums Spark Chaos at Wuse Market, Abuja

An unsettling scene unfolded at the bustling Wuse Market in Abuja on Tuesday afternoon, attributed solely to the disruptive actions of unruly hoodlums, according to Zubairu Ibrahim, the market's manager.

In a detailed statement, Ibrahim elucidated that the turmoil commenced when vigilant security personnel apprehended a notorious criminal, infamous for instigating disturbances within the market vicinity.

Upon the suspect's swift trial at a designated mobile court within the market premises, he was found guilty and subsequently restrained with handcuffs. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when the apprehended individual attempted to flee, inciting fellow miscreants to unleash a barrage of projectiles at law enforcement officials.

The escalation culminated in the vandalization of the market's office and multiple vehicles in the vicinity, prompting the urgent intervention of Engr. Yakubu Abbas, the acting managing director of the Abuja Markets Management Limited. Abbas promptly summoned mobile police officers under the purview of the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Operations in FCT Command to quell the escalating crisis.

Emphasizing the market's commitment to stringent security measures, Ibrahim reiterated the imperative of safeguarding against the surge in insecurity within the Federal Capital Territory. Despite the intervention and restoration of order by security agencies and the Fire Service, Ibrahim underscored the unwavering resolve to mete out severe consequences to any individual intent on disrupting the market's tranquil commercial operations.

With a resolute stance against such disruptive acts, Ibrahim affirmed the market's unwavering dedication to upholding peace and reiterated the stringent enforcement of applicable laws to deter future disturbances.

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