Traditional Religion Worshippers’ Association Advocates for Inclusion of Traditional Religious Knowledge in School Curriculum

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The Traditional Religion Worshippers’ Association has called upon both Federal and State Governments to establish schools where traditional religious knowledge would be taught as a subject, aiming to instill Yoruba culture and tradition in the younger generation.

Fayemi Fakayode, the Secretary of the Oyo State branch of the association, emphasized the importance of incorporating traditional religious knowledge into primary and secondary school curricula, similar to Islamic Religious Knowledge and Christian Religious Knowledge.

In a statement, Fakayode highlighted the necessity of educating the younger generation about Yoruba history and traditions to counter misconceptions that have arisen due to inadequate understanding of African origin and culture.

During the installation of two Brazilians as Mayegun and Yeye Mayegun of Ìjọ Ìmọ́lẹ̀ Olódùmarè Àgbáyé, Fakayode emphasized the urgent need for the inclusion of Traditional Religious Knowledge (TRK) in the educational system. He urged traditionalists to take action to establish TRK as a subject in schools, with the expectation that both Federal and State Governments would provide necessary support by approving its inclusion in the school curriculum.

Fakayode stressed that integrating TRK into the curriculum would prevent children from learning about their religion, culture, tradition, and history from foreign sources, thereby preserving and promoting Yoruba heritage and identity.

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