"Traders Rally Behind Hon. Mrs. Tina Ugoezi for Market Development, Dismiss Baseless Accusations"

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"Traders Rally Behind Hon. Mrs. Tina Ugoezi for Market Development, Dismiss Baseless Accusations"

Traders in the popular World Bank Market Owerri Imo State are strongly behind Hon. Mrs. Tina Ugoezi for her good legacy and sagacity to ensure the development of the market to a standard. Single handedly built some social facilities including, streets solar lights, Public toilets water system, open shades at the Free Zone and ensure equitable supply of Electricity and revamp the abandoned water boreholes and cautioned few livestock traders to desist from causing trouble in the market.

Reacting on the online Newspaper publication discrediting the good achievements of Hon. Mrs Tina Ugoezi, some traders described it as biased and baseless when the leadership of ISAMATA has set up a Committee to look into the recent impasse and misunderstanding raising from the demolition of the Dwarf Wall used to demarcate the market from the major road before it was destroyed by few individuals who are hell bent to litters the market with dirt’s defacing the environments from the slaughter and selling chicken at random to bring bad image to the market as her only sin is to tell them to do the right thing to avoid outbreak of disease as the State is currently facing outbreak of cholera.

According to the traders,  World Bank Market are always peaceful and the genuine traders are solidly behind, Hon. Mrs. Tina Ugoezi, and will continue to remained with her irrespective of this campaign of calumny against her person as the committee of the ISAMATA members will also conduct an independent investigations to ascertain the real truth and nothing but the truth and wonder how and why few livestock traders will sponsor such Malicious and fabricated stories against the Chairman even when the matter are with the committee to decide as a panel.

By saying that “ISAMATA leadership, spearheaded by President Hon.Chief Emmanuel Ezeanochie, is receiving accolades from World Bank Market traders in Owerri,Imo State of Nigeria for promoting peace and stability’

“This commendation follows the suspension of former Chairperson Hon. Mrs. Tina Ugozie, due to alleged misuse of power”

The above quote according to the writers for the livestock traders are the height of insensitive and negligence on the part of the committee even when the Chairman of the committee, Comrade Udoka Mgbemere advised both parties not to address the media and allow them to properly deliver the matter in question without any form of undue interference.

This is meant to tarnish the hard earned image and reputations of the market Chairman and to put fear in her not to actively participate in the ongoing Panel and to form a general opinion for the panelists whereas the real and authentic traders are solidly behind Hon Mrs Tina Ugoezi and will continue to be with her as a great human mobilizer and a trailblazer.

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