Senate Suspends Senator Abdul Ningi for Allegations of Budget Padding

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Senate Suspends Senator Abdul Ningi for Allegations of Budget Padding

In a recent development, the Senate has taken the decision to suspend Bauchi Central Senator, Abdul Ningi, following his serious allegation of budget padding. The decision was reached after a motion for his suspension was raised by Senator Jimoh Ibrahim.

The Senate has declared that Ningi will face a suspension period of three months, although there were deliberations from some Senators advocating for a longer suspension period of six months.

Ningi's accusation stems from his claim that the 2024 appropriation bill was padded by the Senate to the staggering amount of N3.7 trillion, as revealed in an interview with the BBC. However, during Tuesday's deliberation, the Senate asserted that Ningi's suspension was not solely based on his allegations but also on grounds of alleged misconduct and refusal to apologize.

This move by the Senate signifies a strict stance against any form of misconduct or unsubstantiated claims within its ranks. Further updates on this matter are anticipated to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Senate's decision.

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