President Urges States to Implement Wage Awards to Alleviate Economic Hardship

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 President Urges States to Implement Wage Awards to Alleviate Economic Hardship

Speaking during the commissioning of projects in Minna, Niger State, the President said if the wage awards are paid, it would go a long way in cushioning the economic hardship on workers pending the commencement of a new minimum wage.

He added that it would also guide against inflationary measures.

The president stressed that he is appealing to the Governors and not directing them to ensure the payment of the wage award.

Tinubu appealed to all the states to adopt the wage award, and urged the National Executive Council to also adopt it.

He said: “If all of you, the sub-nationals have been paying the wages award, pending the determination of the new salary wage. Let all the states start paying the wages award. Whatever they are taking now plus the wage award would relieve the public.

“Please, I am not giving an order, I am appealing to you states, start paying the wages awards, let everyone start paying it. It is a relief to the people. The mechanism is the fact that it won’t be inflationary if we announce the new salary wage in a few weeks or months, they would have gotten used to the basic wages of N30,000 plus the wages award, and it will have a dampening effect on the market. Please get sub-nationals together and NEC should adopt this.”

Tinubu also outlined plans for a comprehensive programme to address the challenges of violent attacks, cattle rustling, and other security-related issues.

“Give me two to three weeks. You will be part of the inauguration of the livestock change in Nigeria. I know what it means to economic sabotage for roaming cows to eat up the crops and vegetation of our lands, it could be painful but when we reorient the herders and make provision for cattle rearing. The Governors should provide the lands and as the President, I am committed to giving you a comprehensive programme that will solve this problem,” he added.

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