Islamic Cleric Ahmad Gumi Holds Productive Talks with Nigerian Security Agencies

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Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi, confirmed in a statement on his Facebook page that he engaged in a constructive dialogue with Nigerian security agents who had extended an invitation to discuss pressing security issues. The meeting came following an announcement by the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, regarding Mr. Gumi's invitation by the security agencies, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing security challenges.

During the interaction, Mr. Gumi reaffirmed his commitment to abiding by the law and stressed that only the innocent should be shielded from legal scrutiny. He reassured the public that the discussion with the security agents was cordial, devoid of hostility, and conducted with mutual respect.

Addressing concerns raised by well-wishers and journalists, Mr. Gumi emphasized the necessity for national unity and collective action to achieve sustainable peace amidst the prevailing security crisis. He expressed gratitude for the support and invoked blessings for protection against all forms of evil.

Known for his outspoken views on the handling of banditry in the North-west, Mr. Gumi has been vocal in offering solutions to the crisis that has claimed numerous lives and led to widespread abductions for ransom. Furthermore, he criticized the government's publication of names, including that of his associate, Tukur Mamu, as terrorism financiers, arguing that such pronouncements should be reserved for the courts rather than determined by security agencies.

In response to the government's actions, Mr. Gumi condemned what he termed as a "media trial," asserting that legal matters should be adjudicated through due process within the confines of the judiciary. He underscored the importance of awaiting the court's verdict on the matter, cautioning against preemptive judgments made outside of legal proceedings.

The developments underscore the ongoing discourse surrounding security challenges in Nigeria and the imperative of inclusive dialogue and legal processes in addressing them effectively.

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