"Imo State Builders Accuse OCDA of Fueling Substandard Construction pratices

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In a recent development, the Imo State chapter of the Nigeria Institute of Building (NIOB) has made grave allegations against the Owerri Capital Development Authority (OCDA), attributing the surge in substandard buildings within the state to the agency's negligence.

According to the NIOB, the lax enforcement of building regulations by the OCDA, coupled with its tolerance of unqualified practitioners in the building profession, has significantly contributed to the proliferation of substandard constructions.

During a recent roadshow and enlightenment campaign organized as part of their annual Registered Builders Week, representatives of the NIOB brought attention to this concerning issue, expressing deep regret over the dismissal of their proposals by the OCDA.

The NIOB has accused the OCDA of overlooking the necessity for prospective builders to sign undertakings before commencing construction projects, a crucial step in ensuring adherence to standards and regulations.

In statements provided by key officials including the incumbent chairman, secretary, and immediate past chairman of the Imo State chapter of NIOB, it was revealed that the OCDA's alleged practice of allowing unqualified individuals to engage in building projects for personal gain has severely compromised the integrity of the building industry in Imo State.

This unethical conduct not only poses risks to the safety and stability of structures but also endangers the lives and well-being of residents and occupants.

The NIOB has strongly condemned the actions of the OCDA, labeling them as a breach of public trust and a blatant dereliction of duty.

In response to these revelations, the NIOB has called for urgent and decisive measures to tackle the underlying causes of substandard construction in Imo State. Recommendations include the adoption of the National Building Code, rigorous enforcement of building regulations, prosecution of offenders, and the promotion of professional standards within the industry.

Highlighting the culmination of their campaign, the NIOB organized a lecture series and workshop at the City Chef Restaurant in Owerri. The event aimed to educate students of building technology and related courses from various tertiary institutions in the state, featuring insights from industry professionals and academic experts.

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