House Committee Chairman on Commerce, Industry Visits Imo CPC for Oversight Function.

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 House Committee Chairman on Commerce, Industry Visits Imo CPC for  Oversight Function. 

In a significant move towards ensuring consumer rights protection in Imo State, the House Committee Chairman on Commerce and Industry, Hon. Johnleoba Iheoha, accompanied by members of his committee, paid a visit to the Imo State Consumer Protection Council (CPC). 

The purpose of the visit was to conduct an oversight function aimed at evaluating the council's efforts in safeguarding consumer interests.

Upon their arrival, they were warmly welcomed by the Director General of Imo CPC, Hon. Mrs. Obioma Okafor, and her team. Hon. Okafor expressed her appreciation for the visit and highlighted the crucial role CPC plays in protecting consumers' rights across the state.

During the interaction, Hon. Okafor seized the opportunity to brief the committee members on CPC's mandate and initiatives geared towards ensuring fair treatment and quality products for consumers. 

She emphasized the council's commitment to upholding consumer rights and fostering a fair marketplace environment.

In a gesture of collaboration, Hon. Okafor extended an invitation to the committee members to participate in the upcoming 2024 Consumer Rights Day celebration scheduled for Friday, March 15th. The event promises to be an occasion for stakeholders to come together and reaffirm their dedication to promoting consumer welfare.

The visit served as a testament to the government's commitment to fostering transparency and accountability in consumer affairs, with both parties reaffirming their dedication to upholding consumer rights in Imo State.

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