Historic Transplant: Pig Kidney Successfully Implanted in Human Patient at U.S. Hospital

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In a groundbreaking achievement, Massachusetts General Hospital announced the successful transplantation of a genetically-edited pig kidney into a 62-year-old man suffering from end-stage kidney disease. 

Surgeons from the Mass General Transplant Centre conducted the four-hour surgery on Saturday, marking a significant advancement in medical science. The procedure, aimed at addressing the global organ shortage, represents a milestone in xenotransplantation. 

The pig kidney, modified to enhance compatibility with humans by removing harmful pig genes and incorporating certain human genes, was sourced from a genetically-edited pig. Additionally, the risk of infection in humans was mitigated by inactivating porcine endogenous retroviruses in the donor pig. 

Mass General Brigham Chief Executive Officer, Anne Klibanski, lauded the achievement, emphasizing the hospital's commitment to innovative treatments and easing the burden of disease.

 The patient is reportedly recovering well and is expected to be discharged soon, marking a hopeful step forward in organ transplantation research.

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