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By Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM)

In Imo today, there is a palpable wait as not a few persons are having their ears on the ground to hear the announcement of a new set of appointees by Governor Hope Uzodimma. The anxiety is understandable and the curiosity is expected. The Governor will, any moment from now do the needful and satisfy the mounting curiosity. This expectations cut across both the political, business class and even onlookers. People believe that when the new cabinet comes on stream, it will rejig the economy and lubricate the system generally. 

However, beyond announcement of a set of new appointees that will assist the Governor deliver the goods, the Governor, from the look of things, is obviously not so much enamoured about just mere announcement of anyhow persons as appointees but only interested in getting it right.. Certainly, he does not want to make mistakes for he has really learnt few lessons from his past outing or first tenure and he is trying to ensure that only those with manifest qualities to fit into relevant departments are given the job to do. And that is what has informed the wait. Imo people should understand this. Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.

Granted, one will not expect to get 100% in such endeavour but altogether, aiming to get above 80% correctness in the appointment will be ideal. The Governor may have been disappointed by the conduct of certain appointees in his first tenure hence they say " once beaten, twice shy" Thus, the need to be thorough this time is most expedient. 

As a man whom everybody knows is passionately committed to serving Imo people sincerely, it becomes unfortunate and heartbreaking if he unwittingly finds black legs inside his boardroom cabinet for a reason he cannot be blamed for. It will be sad also if such happeans. Therefore, he must be allowed the time to take things easy and do things carefully. Please, let everybody understands with the Goveenor. Iam one of those praying to God to give him the rare wisdom to get it right as Iam confident he will. In politics, not all that glitters is gold and there are alot of Wolves in Sheep's clothings. 

The Governor deserves our prayers, understanding, support and loyalty at this time more than ever. The level of expectations from people for appointment is troubling and alarming. Sadly, many of such expectations are driven more by mere political considerations than the need to genuinely work for the state. Imo state is arguably the only state in Nigeria where almost everybody within the political class want to be appointed in government and once that is not done or achieved, they automatically turn from being friends to being fiends or foes. This is terrible! 

Eventually, the Governor will announce his new appointees but it is important we understand that not everybody will be directly appointed at the same time. No government in the world does that. Some will be lucky at first instance, others will come later. There are others too who will indirectly benefit through those directly appointed. Let us not see Governor Uzodimma as an enemy simply because your name was not among those appointed. Appointment is a continuous thing. Governor Uzodimma, we all know is not a talking type but clearly, he knows everybody and knows where you can fit in. 

Iam constrained to pen down these words here because I know how our people behave. Soon, you will start hearing statements like: After working for him, he did not appoint me' etc. Please let everybody show understanding. Let us try and put ourselves in his shoes. If you were him, ask yourself if you can appoint everybody in your government at the same time. In all, let us know that God knows everything and things happen at his own appointed time. 

Truthfully Yours, Nwamkpa Modestus is my name and I approve of this piece.

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