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March 4, 2024

*We Wish You A Continued Success And Happiness*

*Dr. Fabian Ihekweme* is an experienced and trusted adviser who provides guidance, support, and knowledge to others less experienced, fostering their personal and professional development.

As a role model, *Omu* is an individual whose behaviour, achievements, and qualities serve as a positive example, inspiring others to emulate similar values and aspirations.

His mentees are well aware that a fly that has no one to adivse it followes the corpse into the grave, reasons why they brought themselves together to drink from his cup of wisdom. 

*Dr. Ihekweme* has continued to drum it into our subconscious inner beings that independent mindedness and personal responsibilities are critical factors in the journey of life. Indeed, a horse may carry a warrior to the battle field, but it cannot fight his battle for him.

*Mentor Ihekweme*, all your life, the quest for knowledge and understanding of your people has been an important part of you. It is constantly your joy to help your fellow country men in understanding the complex and stark realities that exist in this part of the world. It is on this premise that, you made yourself available into the murky waters of politics.

You are a constant reminder that a good name is better than the strongest perfume. Thank you for teaching us that digging a well starts from the top, though the water is at the bottom.

Wishing you a birthday filled with joy and gratitude! Your guidance has been a beacon in our journey, and we are grateful for the wisdom you've shared. May this year bring you continued success and happiness.





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