"Controversy Surrounds Late Singer Mohbad's Estate: Paternity Dispute and Legal Battle Unravel"

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The saga surrounding the estate of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, has deepened as conflicting claims and legal battles emerge, leaving the public in a state of bewilderment and intrigue. Recent developments have revealed a tangled web of disputes involving inheritance rights, paternity allegations, and a quest for justice.

The controversy began when Mr. Aloba, claiming to be Mohbad's father, asserted his right to wear the deceased singer's clothing, sparking public outcry. Despite criticism, Aloba remains resolute in his pursuit of justice for his late son, asserting, "Anyone who doesn’t like that I am wearing my late son’s clothes can say whatever they like. My only focus right now is to get justice for my late son.”

However, in a surprising turn of events, Mohbad's management refuted Aloba's claim, revealing the absence of a will and initiating a N200 million lawsuit against him. The situation escalated when Mohbad's mother, Abosede Olumiyi, alleged in a viral audio recording that Aloba is not the late singer's biological father. She demanded a DNA test within three days, further complicating the already contentious circumstances.

The ensuing social media frenzy saw Nigerians expressing mixed reactions to Aloba's actions, with some condemning his behavior while others empathized with his grief and supported his pursuit of justice. Online debates raged under hashtags such as #JusticeForMohbad and #AlobaWearsMohbad, highlighting the polarizing nature of the situation.

Amidst mounting tensions, Aloba remains steadfast in his determination to secure justice for his late son, regardless of public opinion. As the controversy unfolds, the outcome of the pending DNA test and ongoing police investigation looms large, leaving the public eagerly awaiting resolution.

The saga surrounding Mohbad's life and untimely demise continues to captivate and divide public opinion, underscoring the complexities of family disputes, inheritance rights, and the pursuit of justice in the public eye.

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