"Benue State Governor Advocates Tough Choices, Local Government Autonomy, and Agricultural Revival"

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In a recent interview with The Nation, the Governor of Benue State, expressed his commitment to making tough choices in governance, advocating for local government autonomy, and spearheading agricultural revitalization initiatives.

Addressing concerns about his administration's use of resources, the governor highlighted his modest approach, emphasizing that he recently acquired only one car for official state business despite his position as the sitting governor. He defended his decision, citing the need to prioritize essential services over luxury in a state with limited means.

Furthermore, the governor commended the President's bold decision to remove fuel subsidies, asserting that tough choices are necessary for national progress. He also delved into the debate surrounding the parliamentary system of government, stressing the importance of education and re-education to address systemic challenges in governance.

Regarding the agricultural sector, the governor outlined plans to revitalize Benue's agrarian economy, promising financial support and resources for farmers willing to return to their farmlands. He emphasized the state's potential to become a key player in national food security through strategic investment and support for agricultural development programs.

On the issue of local government autonomy, the governor acknowledged the potential benefits but cautioned against irresponsible management. He revealed ongoing efforts to address corruption within local government structures while expressing optimism about the prospects for development and growth under increased autonomy.

Discussing the plight of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the state, the governor expressed gratitude for federal government interventions and outlined plans to expedite their return to their homes. He highlighted collaborative efforts with other states to leverage federal programs aimed at skill development and resettlement for IDPs.

Looking ahead to 2027, the governor painted a vision of Benue State as a beacon of infrastructural development and prosperity. He expressed confidence in his administration's ability to deliver on its promises, envisioning a future where Benue becomes a destination for quality healthcare and economic opportunity.

In conclusion, the governor's remarks underscored his commitment to principled governance, proactive solutions to societal challenges, and a vision of Benue State's transformation into a model of progress and prosperity for the nation.

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