"Avu/Ohaji and Egbema Youth Forum Demands Accountability Amidst Delayed Road Project"

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"Avu/Ohaji and Egbema Youth Forum Demands Accountability Amidst Delayed Road Project"

In a press conference heldtoday by the Avu/Ohaji and Egbema Youth Forum, concerns were raised regarding the persistent abandonment of the Avu/Obosima/Umunwaku/Adapalm/Etekwuru road construction project by Roudo Construction Company Limited, even after being mobilized by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). 

The berifing commenced with warm congratulations by their spoke person  the president of Ohija youth president, Comr. Nwosu Tochukwu  extended to His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, for his well-deserved re-election as the Executive Governor of Imo State for a second term. The forum expressed their hope that the governor's victory would translate into more tangible dividends of democracy for the people of Imo State.

Turning their attention to the primary focus of the briefing, the forum recalled that in October 2023, the Niger Delta Development Commission had announced the mobilization of Roudo Construction Company Limited for the Avu/Obosima/Umunwaku/Adapalm/Etekwuru road project.

 However, according to him,  the project has since faced significant delays, leading to mounting frustrations among the local communities.

The youth forum emphasized the importance of the road project for the socio-economic development of the region, highlighting its potential to improve connectivity, enhance transportation, and spur economic activities. The delay in completion, despite the financial commitment from the NDDC, has left the community in a state of neglect, hindering progress and development.

During the press conference, the forum called on Roudo Construction Company Limited to provide a clear explanation for the delay and urged the NDDC to intervene in ensuring the timely completion of the road project. They emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in the execution of such critical infrastructure projects that directly impact the lives of the citizens.

The Avu/Ohaji and Egbema Youth Forum concluded the briefing by reiterating their commitment to holding both the construction company and relevant authorities accountable for the timely completion of the Avu/Obosima/Umunwaku/Adapalm/Etekwuru road, urging all stakeholders to prioritize the well-being and progress of the affected communities, if not face another side of the youths. 

Spotted at  the press conference include, Hon. Pascal Okoro Avu Autonomous Community Youth president, Onyemue Bright from Egbema and Omali Ugochukwu secretary United Egbema youth association and others.

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