Afenifere Leader Endorses Transition to Parliamentary System for Nigeria

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Afenifere Leader Endorses Transition to Parliamentary System for Nigeria

In a recent interview with Arise Television, the leader of the pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, expressed firm support for transitioning Nigeria from its current presidential system to a parliamentary form of government. Citing concerns over the concentration of power and the tendency towards dictatorship under the existing system, Adebanjo emphasized the advantages of parliamentary governance, particularly its accountability and checks on executive authority.

"The presidential system is corrupt, especially in Nigeria," Adebanjo remarked, highlighting the unchecked power vested in the president post-election. He advocated for a system where the prime minister is held accountable to the parliament, fostering a more balanced distribution of power. Adebanjo's endorsement comes amidst growing calls for constitutional reforms, with a group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives proposing amendments aimed at facilitating the transition.

Led by House Minority Leader Kingsley Chinda and supported by 59 others, the group introduced bills advocating for constitutional alterations to establish a parliamentary system of government at all levels. These proposed changes, if enacted, are expected to address concerns over the cost of governance and provide a framework for more inclusive and accountable political processes.

Echoing Adebanjo's sentiments, Kano businessman Aminu Dantata also voiced support for the parliamentary system, underscoring its potential to address Nigeria's multifaceted challenges. Dantata's rare foray into political discourse underscores the significance of the debate surrounding governance structures in Nigeria.

As discussions on constitutional reforms gain momentum, the endorsement from prominent figures like Adebanjo and Dantata adds weight to the argument for transitioning to a parliamentary system, signaling a potential shift in Nigeria's political landscape.

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