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   By Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM)

The cries of Nigerians over the high cost of things in the market- fuel, food stuffs, transportation, cosmetics, cement, building materials,  etc  is truly traumatizing. Sadly, this is  blamed rightly or wrongly on the removal of fuel subsidy by the President and the astronomical rise in dollar against naira. 

Although, the government of President Tinubu has done alot in trying to convince Nigerians that the fuel subsidy removal policy is the best aimed at salvaging  the economy and that the current hardship is temporary and transient but it does appear that Nigerians are not buying into that  argument because for them, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. 

No doubt, the economy is bitting  and bitting so hard on Nigerians especially the middle class and the  low income earners. No economic postulation is adding up to an average Nigeria so long as their daily bread is not assured and the cost of things are out of their reach.

So, if I were the Nigerian economy, I will be afraid of Nigerians because a hungry man can one day eat a rich man. If I were the Nigerian bad economy, I would try to abate a little before Nigerians get choked up. If I were the economy, It would have dawned on me that hardship has no tribal mark.

 If I were Nigerian economy, I would have tried to let Nigerians know that no leader will deliberately seek to embark on policy that will hunt the people . If I were the economy, I would have  known that Nigerians have short circuit of tolerance for their leaders. If I were Nigerian economy, perhaps, I could have made Nigerians to know that no situation is permanent and that the current hardship will soon abate

Yes, if  I were the economy, I obviously would have  read the heart beats of Nigerians and know that Nigerians are in a dire need of the alleviation of their sufferings. If I were the economy, I would have made people to know that the problem currently is not purely a party A or part B  affair but one that can be likened  to a man inside a thick forest who is clearing a road inside the thick bush to get outside the bush. While the man is doing that, those at the road side who are not seeing the man inside the bush may not  know his efforts untill the man finally gets to a point where they can see him and appreciate him.

Oh If I were the Nigerian current economy, I probably would have broken the monopoly on the manufacture and sale of cement in this Country. If I were the economy, by now, the thiefs that siphoned  the subsidy money would have been made to face the music. If I were the economy, I will declare emergency in food production and subsidized the price of essential food stuffs  like Rice and other grains for 6 months within which the market would have stabilized.

If I were the economy, there are alot of things I would have done to better the lives of Nigerians particularly I would have attacked the excessive 'dollarization' of our economy. Oh I even forgot that Nigerians depend 80% on foreign importation. Well, If I were the Nigerian economy, I would have harkem to the cries, gnashing of teeth and lamentations of Nigerians. Fortunately, Iam not Nigerian economy. Iam only Nwamkpa Modestus and I truthfully approve of this piece.

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