Ministerial Press Briefing Series Fosters Transparency and Economic Growth: Second Edition Highlights Key Initiatives for Nigeria's Development

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Ministerial Press Briefing Series Fosters Transparency and Economic Growth: Second Edition Highlights Key Initiatives for Nigeria's Development

Abuja, Nigeria - Following the success of its inaugural session, the Ministerial Press Briefing Series (MPBS) reached another milestone with its second edition, featuring the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment, Dr. Doris Uzoka-Anite. Held at the National Press Center in Abuja, the event, moderated by the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, aimed to strengthen communication channels between government officials and the media while emphasizing transparency and accurate reporting to the Nigerian public.

Minister Mohammed Idris opened the session by underlining the importance of trust and information dissemination, stating, "This platform allows you, the media, to directly engage with senior officials and hold us accountable." His words echoed the commitment of the Ministry to transparency and accessibility, ensuring that the public remains well-informed of government activities.

In her address, Dr. Doris Uzoka-Anite outlined strategic initiatives geared towards propelling Nigeria's economic growth and fostering job creation. Drawing upon the Renewed Hope eight-point agenda, she elucidated on programs targeting economic diversification, access to capital, business environment enhancement, and poverty reduction.

One of the key highlights of Dr. Uzoka-Anite's presentation was Nigeria's active involvement in negotiations for accession to the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA), recognizing its potential to stimulate export diversification and attract foreign direct investment. She emphasized her efforts in advocating Nigeria's interests during international trade meetings, securing positions on crucial matters such as digital trade and illegal transshipment.

Furthermore, Dr. Uzoka-Anite shed light on various initiatives within the Ministry, including reforms in commodity trading, establishment of a National Job Centre, and the Skill-UP Artisans program (SUPA) aimed at upskilling millions of artisans to address labor market demands and reduce reliance on imports.

Highlighting successful bilateral engagements, Dr. Uzoka-Anite mentioned the recent G20 summit in India, which resulted in $14 billion in pledged FDI inflows to Nigeria. Ongoing collaborations with countries like India, Germany, and the Netherlands offer further investment opportunities and joint regulatory frameworks.

Acknowledging existing challenges such as infrastructure deficits and bureaucratic hurdles, Dr. Uzoka-Anite reiterated the Ministry's commitment to innovation and collaboration. Recent factory tours and initiatives like the issuance of IDEC letters and Business Innovation Programs (BIP) exemplify efforts to support manufacturing expansion and enhance production capacity.

The event saw the participation of key stakeholders, including Senior Special Assistant to the President on Information and Strategy, Mr. Bayo Onanuga, and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and National Orientation, Dr. Ngozi Onwudiwe, alongside CEOs of agencies under the two Ministries.

In conclusion, the Ministerial Press Briefing Series continues to serve as a vital platform for fostering transparency, promoting government initiatives, and driving Nigeria's economic development agenda forward.

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