"Human Rights Lawyer Calls for Arrest and Questioning of Former Nigerian President Amid Economic Crisis"

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"Human Rights Lawyer Calls for Arrest and Questioning of Former Nigerian President Amid Economic Crisis"

In the midst of a staggering increase in the cost of essential commodities and the depreciation of the Nigerian Naira, human rights lawyer Inibehe Effiong has voiced a compelling call for accountability. Effiong's advocacy centers on the arrest and interrogation of Nigeria's immediate past president, Mohammad Buhari, attributing the current economic turmoil to alleged mismanagement during Buhari's tenure.

The prevailing economic distress has prompted scrutiny and criticism from various quarters, with Effiong joining the chorus of dissenters. His proposition for the apprehension and inquiry of the former president stems from a belief that such actions are imperative to address the prevailing chaos and restore semblances of order and probity in the nation's governance.

Amid these calls, key figures within the Bola Tinubu-led administration have underscored the dire financial predicament inherited by the current leadership. National Security Adviser, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, candidly acknowledged the severe fiscal challenges faced upon assuming office, highlighting the daunting task of navigating through a depleted treasury and the burden of debt repayment.

Furthermore, the scrutiny extends to the financial decisions made during the tenure of the previous administration. The 10th Senate has announced plans to probe the ₦23 trillion "ways and means" allocation approved for the former president by the 9th Senate, underscoring the gravity of the economic reckoning facing the nation.

In his online statement, shared via his X account (formerly Twitter), Effiong minced no words, asserting that holding Buhari accountable for alleged malfeasance and corruption during his tenure is crucial to fostering transparency and accountability within Nigeria's governance framework. Effiong's stance reflects a broader sentiment among citizens demanding justice and restitution for perceived injustices and economic hardships endured.

As the discourse surrounding Nigeria's economic trajectory intensifies, Effiong's call for accountability underscores the urgency of addressing systemic issues and restoring public trust in governance institutions. The quest for accountability serves as a pivotal step towards addressing the root causes of the nation's economic challenges and charting a path towards sustainable development and prosperity for all Nigerians.

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