"Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Addresses Poor Power Supply in South-East, Cites External Factors Beyond Control"

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"Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Addresses Poor Power Supply in South-East, Cites External Factors Beyond Control"

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has shed light on the current challenges surrounding the inadequate power supply experienced across the South-East region, attributing the situation to factors beyond its immediate control. In a statement delivered to newsmen in Enugu on Monday, Mr. Emeka Ezeh, the Head of Corporate Communications at EEDC, elucidated on the underlying issues exacerbating the plight of residents in the zone.

Ezeh underscored the pivotal role of energy generation in facilitating consistent power supply, highlighting the adverse impact of low energy generation levels on the availability and reliability of electricity provision. He elucidated that the prevailing scarcity of power stems from a broader decline in energy generation nationwide, resulting in a diminished allocation of daily megawatt hours (MWH) to distribution companies like EEDC.

Acknowledging the ramifications of this predicament on the quality of service rendered to customers, Ezeh expressed empathy towards the inconvenience experienced by residents while emphasizing the limited capacity of EEDC to address the root cause of the issue. He emphasized that the company operates within the confines of the energy allocation provided, thereby constraining its ability to meet the burgeoning demands for electricity in the region.

"We understand the inconveniences this situation has caused our esteemed customers and appeal for their understanding as it is beyond us," Ezeh reiterated, urging residents to exercise patience and resilience amidst the prevailing challenges.

Despite the adversities confronting the power sector, Ezeh reassured customers of EEDC's unwavering commitment to enhancing service delivery and addressing the persistent issues afflicting the region. He affirmed that concerted efforts are underway among stakeholders within the power sector to redress the underlying causes of the energy crisis, expressing optimism that collaborative interventions will yield tangible improvements in the near future.

"EEDC remains steadfast in its resolve to prioritize the needs of our esteemed customers and endeavors to uphold the highest standards of service excellence," Ezeh affirmed, echoing the company's steadfast dedication to mitigating the adverse effects of the prevailing power supply constraints on communities across the South-East.

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