Decades of Leadership: Orlu Local Government Chairmanship Through the Years

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"Decades of Leadership: Orlu Local Government Chairmanship Through the Years

 These are the names of those who have occupied Orlu Local Government Chairmanship position either as Elected or Transition Commitee Chairman .(NO TIME LINE PLEASE) .

The names are in no particular order:

1- Hon Chief Mayor Eze- Okporo 


2- Hon Chief Mayor Eze  - Okporo T C.

3- Hon Mrs. Stella Maris Unegbe- Community  Obibi - T C .

4- Hon Obinna Onyeocha  - Community - Umutanze-T C.

5- Hon Engr Nwaizu- C6ommunity- Eziachi - Elected Chairman. 

6- Hon Sir Athan Ogo - Community - Orlu-T C .

7- Hon Chief  Adolphus Chigere (DOMAX) Community- Umudioka - T C .

8- Hon Mrs Enderline Asika- Community-  Umuzike - T C .

9- Hon Bar. Ijeoma Igboanusi - Community - Umuna -T C 

10 - Hon Bar. Hyacinth Mbachu - Community - Umuna-T C .

11 - Hon  Eddy Olumba - Community - Orlu- T C .

 12 - Hon  Ifeanyi Olumba - Community- Orlu - T C . 

13- Hon Mrs, Ifeoma Ndukwu-- Community- Umuna- T C .

14 - Hon Chief Emejuru - Community- Ihiteowerri - Elected. 

15- Hon Chief Tom Ukagba - Community- Okporo. 

16 - Hon Bar Goddy Anunihu - Community  - Amaifeke .

17 - Hon Nnamdi Ifezuo - Community- Eziachi. 

18 - Hon Felix  Ifezuo -  Community  - Ihiteowerri. 

19 - Hon Chief  Dan Onyegbule  - Community-- Umuowa .

20 - Hon Chief Bar. Eddy Obioha - Community - Eziachi/ Amike. 

21 - Hon Mrs Ifeoma Ndukwu - Community-Umuna 

22 - Hon Chris Mbarie  - Immediate past TC Chairman. 

Members,  you can all see for yourselves that IHIOMA CLAN has not had her share of the  Elected/ Appointed Chairmanship of ORLU LGA . Is there any equity and fareness in this?. 

What have we done wrong if seek for our rights, inclusion,  accommodation , etc.?. My personal answer is NOTHING MUCH. Politics is ndoro ndoro ochichi, .

Ihioma Clan, what are we going to do?. ?????.

We shall discuss, appeal  , negotiate, solicite and allie with every interest groups to ensure they see our plight and the need to give Ihioma Clan a deserving chance to produce the next Elected Chairman of Orlu Local Government. 

For fairness, justice and equality  , it is the most equitable thing for Ihioma Clan to occupy the exalted position of Orlu Local Government Chairman now. 

We are  soliciting for the support of all the people of Orlu Local Government Area to give their support to Hon Chief Henry Egwuatu (Ozuomee) who is well prepared and positioned to occupy that exalted seat in the forthcoming Local Government election.

Nde Orlu LGA  , menu nde Ihioma ka emere ibe ha .!!!!! .

Kind regards,.

Hon Sir Dr Sab Okolie (Ochendu)

Coordinator Ihioma Strategic Political Forum  ISPF 


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