Comrade Kennedy Iyere Emerges as Accord Party Candidate for 2024 Edo Gubernatorial Election

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Comrade Kennedy Iyere Emerges as Accord Party Candidate for 2024 Edo Gubernatorial Election

In a significant development ahead of the highly anticipated 2024 Edo gubernatorial election, Comrade Kennedy Iyere has secured the candidacy for the Accord Party after emerging victorious in the party's primary election. Held on Saturday, February 17th, 2024, the primary election was conducted in strict adherence to the guidelines set forth by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Iyere's candidacy marks the first official declaration for the upcoming gubernatorial race in Edo State. His selection as the Accord Party's flagbearer came through consensus after five other aspirants graciously withdrew from the race and endorsed him as the sole contender during the primary.

The primary election process garnered commendation from various quarters, including INEC officials, security agencies, and civil society organizations (CSOs). Notably, three INEC officials, including representatives from both the national and state headquarters, oversaw the transparent and peaceful conduct of the primary. Security agencies, comprising the police, Department of State Services (DSS), and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), also ensured the integrity of the exercise, alongside vigilant CSOs.

During his acceptance speech, Comrade Kennedy Iyere introduced Bright Enabulele as his running mate or deputy candidate. Enabulele, a distinguished African entrepreneur based in the United States, brings a wealth of experience in various fields, including software engineering and blockchain technology. His notable achievements include the creation of OduwaCoin, the first African cryptocurrency, underscoring his innovative prowess and commitment to transformative initiatives.

Comrade Iyere's reputation precedes him as a dynamic figure with significant political, social, and economic influence. His track record of humanitarianism and philanthropy has endeared him to many, particularly the marginalized and underserved communities across Nigeria. With a history of supporting political candidates across party lines, Iyere's candidacy represents a beacon of hope for Edo State's residents, poised to address pressing issues such as poverty, unemployment, and social deprivation.

In outlining his vision for Edo State, Iyere articulated a comprehensive action plan, aptly named the "FIX-EDO-2024 PROJECT." This ambitious initiative aims to forge a coalition of political parties and mobilize grassroots support to effect transformative change in the state. Iyere's commitment to political redemption and socio-economic development underscores his resolve to steer Edo State towards a brighter future.

As the campaign intensifies, Iyere pledges to unveil detailed timelines and strategies during a forthcoming world press conference. His overarching goal remains the mobilization of one million voters to secure victory in the 2024 Edo gubernatorial election, heralding a new era of progress and prosperity for the state and the nation at large.

In summary, Comrade Kennedy Iyere's emergence as the Accord Party candidate signals the beginning of a spirited electoral contest and holds the promise of transformative leadership for Edo State.

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