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 Avu Mechanic Village Land Racketeering; Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu, CEO COCEAN Nigeria Integrated Failed Attempt at Tarnishing The Impeccable Image of Prince Jeff Ukachukwu

The ongoing imbroglio between the comrade Kyrian Nnadi led Executive of the Imo State Chapter of Nigerian Automobile Technicians Association NATA and Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu CEO COCEAN Nigeria Integrated took a rather comic turn when Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu recently sponsored a failed media attack on the person of Prince Jeff Ukachukwu Chief Executive Officer PrimeWest Properties Nigeria Limited, accusing him of dropping the name of the Governor in other to grab land illegally at the Avu Mechanic Village.

This libelous publication is not only false in its entirety, it is also targeted at undermining the efforts of the Governor of Imo State in the fight against land racketeering in the state. This unfortunate media onslaught against  Jeff Ukachukwu can best be described as juvenile sycophantic showmanism.

Ordinarily, this lame attempt by the CEO of COCEAN Nigeria Integrated would have been ignored and allowed to slide with the tide of time, but it becomes necessary to set the records straight, make bare the facts of the matter and unmask the truth atleast for the sake of the unsuspecting public who eat whatsoever is fed them without due diligence to run a thorough and detailed fact-check.

Here are the facts of the Avu Mechanic Village Land:

1) The Avu Mechanic Village was conceived by late Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu and implemented by Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha.

2) Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha mapped out the 19.28 acres of land which is the phase 1 of the mechanic village and handed it over to the Kyrian Nnadi led Imo State Executive of Nigerian Automobile Technicians Association NATA through the state ministry for Labour and Productivity to parcellate and distribute to their members.

3) Avu Mechanic Village Land from the day of it's approval till the day it was handed over to NATA Imo State Chapter to administrate, has never been under the purview or jurisdiction of the state ministry of lands, rather it is the Imo State Ministry for Labour and Productivity that has the oversight of Avu Mechanic Village, and this oversight is performed through NATA Imo State Chapter. There is even a court Judgement alluding to these.

3) Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu CEO COCEAN Nigeria Integrated in connivance with the then permanent secretary of the state ministry of lands, arranged an allocation paper purportedly from the ministry of lands laying claim to the ownership of the entrance space of the Avu Mechanic Village. Whereas aside Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu there is no one occupying any space within that 19.28 acres of land who got his or her space via allocation paper from the state ministry of lands.

4) The then local chapter executive fought a protracted battle with Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu  bringing down his illegal structures three consecutive times alleging that the allocation paper he was brandishing is untenable since the state ministry of lands does not have oversight on the Avu Mechanic Village Land. This made him, Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu to flee the land like the biblical devil who left Jesus for awhile after 3 consecutive failed attempt to get Jesus Christ do his bidding.

5) In his comeback bid, Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu allegedly approached some top government appointees to help him get back to the said land to continue the erection of his illegal structure. One of such appointees informed him that the official developer of the Avu Mechanic Village as dully appointed by the State Executive of NATA since 2018 before the advent of Governor Hope Uzodimma's administration was Prince Jeff Ukachukwu.

6) Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu, upon  discovering  the impossibility of getting Prince Jeff Ukachukwu to accede to his alleged illegality seeing also that the tenure of the local chapter executives at Avu Mechanic Village that resisted his move to build in the land has elapsed and a new one emerged, quickly went to the new chairman, one Mr Ugwoegbu aka Bishop and allegedly induced him and his new executive members, making highfalutin, vacuous promises of turning the mechanic village into Dubai.

7) This new executive under the leadership of Mr Ugwoegbu aka Bishop now intoxicated with the alleged inducements allowed Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu to return to the site and continue the erection of that illegal structure in the name of building a training school for CNG in flagrant defiance to the directive of the State Executive of NATA which is the overseeing body of all mechanics in Imo State, having oversight administrative powers over the allocation and development of any piece of land or space within the Avu Mechanic Village Land from phase 1 to phase 3.

8) The said portion where Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu is erecting his illegal structure is the space allotted for the building of the state secretariat of NATA according to development plan of the mechanic village hence it becomes callous for bishop or any mechanic or local chapter to go against the mother body NATA or try in anyway whatsoever to thwart the original plan of the Avu Mechanic Village.

9) Following the recent resistance from the Kyrian Nnadi led Executive of NATA Imo State Chapter, which has led to a petition to the commissioner of police, Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu resorted to media blackmail and image tarnishing which he unfortunately directed at Prince Jeff Ukachukwu accusing him of using his biological relationship with the Governor to racketer lands whereas in all truth, Prince Jeff Ukachukwu has been the one whose tall character of integrity has posed as  a major impediment to the success of Chief Ndubuisi's bid to build in Avu Mechanic Village.

10) It is no news in Owerri that Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu CEO  COCEAN Nigeria Integrated cannot stand toe to toe alongside Prince Jeff Ukachukwu in matters of impeccable public character.  As such his recent attempt to malign the person of Prince Jeff Ukachukwu is cheap, mischievous and a display of schizophrenic desperation.

11)Chief Ndubuisi Chinedu accusing Prince Jeff Ukachukwu of dropping the name of the Governor whereas Prince Jeff Ukachukwu has been the official developer of the Avu Mechanic Village since 2018, two years before the advent of Senator  Hope Uzodimma as Governor of Imo State shows how low he can go just to satisfy his quest to grab land at the detriment of the statutory position of the law.

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