"Access Holdings Plc Nominates Ms. Agbede, Seasoned Executive, to Lead Business Operations"

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"Access Holdings Plc Nominates Ms. Agbede, Seasoned Executive, to Lead Business Operations"

In a strategic move poised to enhance its operational efficacy, Access Holdings Plc has put forward Ms. Agbede, a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, to assume the pivotal role of leading the company's affairs. This nomination, subject to the approval of the Central Bank of Nigeria, signifies a significant milestone in the company's quest for sustained growth and excellence.

Ms. Agbede's journey within the Access Bank Group is emblematic of her unwavering commitment and exceptional leadership acumen. Joining the institution in 2003 as an Assistant General Manager, she swiftly ascended the ranks, showcasing her proficiency in managing the bank's portfolio of chemical trading companies. Her tenure as the head of human resources for the Access Bank Group, which commenced in 2010, underscored her ability to nurture and develop human capital, a critical component of organizational success.

Transitioning seamlessly into her role as the executive director of Access Holdings in June 2022, following the institution's evolution into a holding company, Ms. Agbede has continued to exhibit exemplary leadership, steering the company towards sustainable growth trajectories. Her illustrious career in the financial sector, which commenced at Guaranty Trust Bank in 1992, epitomizes her dedication and astute managerial prowess.

Ms. Agbede's academic pedigree further underscores her proficiency and expertise in the field of business management. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Lagos and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Cranfield University, she possesses a robust foundation in both theoretical principles and practical application.

Moreover, Ms. Agbede's commitment to continuous professional development is evident through her participation in renowned leadership and talent management programs. Her engagement with prestigious institutions such as the IMD and the London Business School underscores her relentless pursuit of excellence and her proactive approach towards honing her leadership skills.

As a member of esteemed professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Management UK and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria, Ms. Agbede embodies the ethos of professionalism and ethical leadership. Her nomination to lead Access Holdings Plc heralds a new era of innovation and strategic vision, positioning the company for sustained success in the dynamic financial landscape.

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