"13-Year-Old Boy Tortured by Mother's Landlord Escapes After Two Days of Brutality in Lagos"

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"13-Year-Old Boy Tortured by Mother's Landlord Escapes After Two Days of Brutality in Lagos"

In a harrowing ordeal that unfolded in Asipa, Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State, 13-year-old secondary school student Moses Amosu narrowly evaded a tragic fate after enduring two days of relentless torture inflicted by his mother's landlord and two accomplices.

The distressing incident, which occurred in November 2023, came to light when Moses managed to escape to his grandmother's residence on December 24th, 2023, seeking refuge from the horrors he endured. Recounting the traumatic experience to Vanguard, Moses revealed that his mother, deeming him disobedient, relinquished him to her landlord, Kamoru Fasasi, and two others for punishment.

Moses detailed the agonizing torture he endured, disclosing how he was bound to a tree for extended periods, resulting in severe injuries and fractures to both arms. He disclosed that the abuse escalated over the course of two days, with his tormentors resorting to pouring alcohol over his battered body while subjecting him to further brutality.

Despite suffering grave injuries, Moses' ordeal did not end with the physical abuse. Following the torture, his mother purportedly confined him to their home for three weeks, neglecting to seek medical attention for his fractured hands. It wasn't until his hand began to deteriorate that Moses managed to escape the confines of his imprisonment.

An investigation into the incident uncovered shocking details, including Moses' assertion that the brutal punishment was inflicted upon him at his mother's behest, simply for expressing a desire to visit his father. Accounts from relatives, including Moses' aunt Ruth Amosu, corroborate the severity of his injuries, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

In a response marked by denial and deflection, Moses' mother, Olorunwa Yenukunme, attempted to justify her actions by alleging her son's habitual disobedience and frequent absences from home. She conceded to surrendering him for punishment but failed to acknowledge the extent of his suffering, opting instead to confine him to their residence in a misguided attempt to conceal the atrocities committed against him.

Efforts to seek accountability from the landlord and law enforcement officials were met with resistance, as the landlord declined requests for an interview, and the Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos Command, Benjamin Hundeyin, remained unresponsive to inquiries.

Moses' ordeal serves as a distressing reminder of the vulnerability of children in abusive environments and underscores the urgent need for effective intervention and protection measures to safeguard their well-being.

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