Peter Obi Urges Immediate Action to Halt Rampant Killings in Nigeria, Condemns Recent Acts of Violence"

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 "Peter Obi Urges Immediate Action to Halt Rampant Killings in Nigeria, Condemns Recent Acts of Violence"

Presidential candidate and former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has issued a compelling plea to the federal government and security agencies, urging them to take decisive action to halt the pervasive wanton killings afflicting Nigeria. In a statement conveyed through his verified X handle, Obi expressed profound concern over the recurrent reports of condemnable acts of violence that continue to plague the nation.

Highlighting recent incidents, including the reported killing of approximately 30 individuals in Plateau State and the gruesome murder of a husband and wife in Anambra State, whose bodies were callously abandoned in the trunk of their vehicle by the roadside, Obi underscored the urgency of addressing these heinous crimes. He lamented the prevalence of violent acts that often go unreported, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to curtail the persistent threat to lives and national progress.

In his statement, Obi condemned these acts in the strongest terms, questioning when the nation would witness a substantive curtailment of the insecurity undermining peace and prosperity. He stressed the imperative for intensified endeavors by leaders, especially those in office, and security agencies to apprehend perpetrators and eradicate crime and violence from society.

Expressing condolences to affected families, Obi invoked prayers for the eternal rest of the deceased. Acknowledging the challenging times facing the country, he emphasized the necessity of overcoming the insecurity menace to realize the aspirations of a New Nigeria.

The backdrop of Obi’s plea is the tragic incident in Plateau State, where over 30 individuals lost their lives, and numerous houses were destroyed. Despite the imposition of a 24-hour curfew by Governor Caleb Mutfwang in Mangu Local Government Area due to escalating security concerns, gunmen brazenly defied the restrictions, unleashing violence in Kwahaslalek and its environs. This grim incident underscores the immediate need for comprehensive measures to address the escalating security crisis in Nigeria.

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